Mati Bracelet Silver or Gold (S&H Incl)


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Please indicate if you want Silver or Gold in your notes. The Silver fits all and the Gold has an adjustable clasp.
Price includes shipping.**

Handmade by my daughter, Dimitra. Please take a pic once you have received your jewelry and share on Instagram. @shopdimistyle #dimistyle

A concept dating back to the Classical Era in Ancient Greece, the “Evil Eye” (also known as the “Mati”, in Greek) is believed to be a curse that is given by a glare with negative intensions causing headaches or “bad luck”. Wearing a special Evil Eye charm as a form of jewelery is said to help prevent the curse from happening in the first place. Over the years, this symbol of protection has become a fashion phenomenon that has played a huge role in the Greek Street Style and fashion scene.


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