Pavlo’s Short Biography

For being all instrumental, Pavlo’s Mediterranean music speaks for itself. Over the span of his 20-year career, Pavlo, the internationally renowned, award-winning recording artist, performer and songwriter, has released 11 albums of his own music, plus two collaborative projects, including 2015’s Guitarradas with Remigio Pereira, and 2009’s Trifecta with fellow guitar masters Rik Emmett and Oscar Lopez.

Born in Toronto to Greek parents, Pavlo has made a name for himself by offering a musical amalgam he simply calls “Mediterranean music” – a blend of Greek, flamenco, Latin, and even Balkan flavours, wrapped in contemporary pop. His music has taken him all around the world. Along the way he’s performed for royalty in the likes of Prince Charles and worked and toured with artists such as José Feliciano, Jon Secada, Olivia Newton-John and The Tenors.

It has never been more convincing, Pavlo is a TRUE WORLD artist, and has become famous for bringing every audience to their feet.

Pavlo is currently on tour promoting his second PBS special “Live in Kastoria” Greece and is still driven by his father’s famous words:

“Have the courage to do what you love, and the drive to do it well.”

Pavlo has ten (11) albums,
two (2) collaborations
and three (3) DVD’s.

In order of release:

  • Pavlo (1998)
  • Fantasia (2000)
  • I Feel Love Again (2002)
  • Frostbite – Music for the Holidays (2003)
  • Mediterranean Lounge (2004)
  • Irresistible (2005)
  • Live at Massey Hall (2007)
  • Live: Mediterranean Nights (CD and DVD 2008)
  • Trifecta – Pavlo, Rik Emmett Oscar Lopez collaboration (2009)
  • Six String Blvd (2011)
  • Guitarradas – Pavlo & Remigio Pereira collaboration (2015)
  • Live in Kastoria (CD and DVD 2016)
  • 7 Days In Santorini (DVD 2016)
  • The Ultimate Collection (CD 2017)

Awards, Nominations and Highlights:

  • PBS Special “Pavlo – Live in Kastoria” airing right now in 2016 across the USA
  • PBS Special “Pavlo: Mediterranean Nights” – aired nationally in 2008/2009 by networks: Bravo and CBC Bold in Canada and PBS in the U.S.A.
  • Best Instrumental Album of the Year for “Trifecta” (2010 – Juno Nomination – Canada’s Equivalent to the Grammy’s)
  • Best Instrumental Album of the Year for “Fantasia” (2000 – Juno Nomination)
  • Performs average of 150 concerts per year
  • Half Million Records Sold worldwide
  • Two Gold Albums (Fantasia and Pavlo)
  • Selected and Performed for His Royal Highness Prince Charles (April, 2001)
  • In 2002, Pavlo won a lawsuit against R&B Mega Stars: R-Kelly and Jay-Z. The R&B stars sampled Pavlo’s music and made a Top 10 hit song “Fiesta” based on Pavlo’s original melody “Fantasia”. Pavlo’s actual guitar work was lifted and placed repeatedly into the song 27 times. Pavlo now shares in the publishing of the song as a co-writer.
  • World Artist of the Year (2005)
  • Billboard Top 10 (May, 2005)
  • Touring Artist of the Year (2006)
  • Montreal Jazz Festival – Headlined Main Stage for 20,000 + people (2006)
  • Top Choice Awards 2006 “Greek Man of the Year”
  • Top Choice Awards 2007 “Greek Man of the Year”
  • Smooth Jazz Guitarist of the Year (2007 Nomination)
  • Music Featured in “So You Think You Can Dance”; Marine Life (starring Cybil Shepherd); CTV’s Eleventh Hour;Just Cause; Showcase/Showtime L Word; The Chris Isaak Show (2 episodes)
  • Pavlo owns his own line of nylon string acoustic guitars retailing online and across Canada, called “Pavlo, Signature Series”. See more click here
  • Pavlo is known for giving away his guitar to someone in the audience at EVERY concert!
  • Pavlo has developed his own wine: a signature reserve “Pavlo” Meritage produced by multi-award winning winery, Mastronardi Estate Winery, located near Lake Erie’s North Shore in Kingsville, Ontario For more info:
  • Pavlo is the North American Spokesperson for Batten Disease Awareness. Batten Disease is a rare and always fatal degenerative brain disease that affects children. For more info:
  • Pavlo organized a Canadian Guitar Trio made of himself and 2 Time Juno Award Winner, Oscar Lopez and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Rik Emmett (Rock Group, Triumph). Together they composed all songs on their album “Trifecta” which was later nominated for 2010 Juno, and they completed a national sold out tour.

Pavlo’s Long Biography

For being all instrumental, Pavlo’s Mediterranean music speaks for itself.

When Pavlo was ten, he spent hours hidden away practicing his guitar. Pavlo’s parents realized very soon that his connection to the instrument was undeniable. Instead of discouraging him, Pavlo’s father told him, “Have the courage to do what you love, and the drive to do it well.”

After years of guitar lessons, from classical to flamenco, Pavlo spent his early years playing in rock groups, and wedding bands. When they separated, Pavlo moved on, and discovered his own distinct sound that he termed, “Mediterranean”. It was the first time he felt as though his guitar was speaking from his soul.

Pavlo was inspired to write his first self-titled album. Although there were many people that told him it was a “fantasy” to think he would find success, he followed his heart and sent the album to music executives all over the country. When they responded with “It is too ethnic” and denied Pavlo a record deal because “there was no market for this type of music.” Pavlo became driven to create his own record label, and market himself.

Soon, through craft shows; café gigs and festival performances all over the country playing his Mediterranean music, Pavlo did, in fact, find his audience. They were equally as passionate about his music…and they wanted more of it.

Investing all that he had at that time, Pavlo released his second album, Fantasia.

Fantasia climbed the charts and made it to the Billboard Top 10 and earned Pavlo his first Juno Nomination.

Pavlo started to tour across the country, and when critics said this trend would die out, Pavlo received a call to perform for His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Pavlo went on to release several albums and performed in soft seat theatres across Canada. When he was told that he was not ready to perform in Canada’s most prestigious theatre, the legendary Massey Hall, Pavlo booked the 2700 seat theatre anyway. Pavlo sold it out…TWICE. Canadian Folk legend, Gordon Lightfoot was in the audience.

Pavlo was told that the USA would not be as accepting of his Mediterranean music. In 2008, Pavlo completed an 80 city tour across the USA….he did it within 3 months.

Pavlo was told it would be difficult to overcome language barriers and cultural differences to consider a fan base overseas. Today, Pavlo’s music is being played in cafes all over China and he annually tours throughout Europe and sells out concert halls in South Korea.

Pavlo had ambitions of performing in front of a television viewing audience. Just when everyone told him it would be impossible, Pavlo received a call from 15-time Emmy award-winning director, George Veras (famous for Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis). George loved Pavlo’s Mediterranean style, and he directed the one hour concert special made for television, entitled, “Pavlo: Mediterranean Nights”. It was aired internationally on PBS. “Pavlo: Mediterranean Nights” was also picked up by networks, Bravo and CBC Bold. It is still being aired nationally today.

After being inspired by the famous guitar trio project of Paco De Lucia; Al DiMeola; and John McLaughlin, Pavlo wanted to create a Canadian Guitar Trio. When many thought it would be too difficult to collaborate with other musicians that were famous within their own genres, Pavlo called on legendary guitarists, Oscar Lopez, and Hall of Famer, Rik Emmett (of Rock band, Triumph). The trio released their album, “Trifecta” and executed a national sold out tour. They made headlines and the album earned Pavlo a 2nd Juno nomination.

For being all instrumental, Pavlo’s Mediterranean music speaks for itself.

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