Mediterranean Nights CD (2008)


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Composer and master guitarist, Pavlo, introduces his Mediterranean music to the world.

The soundtrack from a spectacular stage show that will take you on an exciting new musical journey.

The CD includes 18 songs, two of which have never been previously released. Pavlo's new composition "Brianje", (a touching tribute to a little girl with a beautiful message), and Pavlo's own rendition of the classic "Malaguena".

For the complete, high quality DVD, please click here.

  1. Mediterranean Girl

  2. Midnight Dance

  3. Cafe Kastoria

  4. Tsiftetell

  5. BriAnje

  6. Seleni

  7. Under The Heat

  8. Never On Sunday

  9. Besame Mucho

  10. Irresistible

  11. Love You Forever

  12. Salsa De Guitarra

  13. Santorini Sunset

  14. Highstrung

  15. Latin Love

  16. Fantasia

  17. Malaguena

  18. Andalusia By Night


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