Trifecta – Pavlo, Rik Emmett, Oscar Lopez (2009)


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An amazing guitar trio of Mediterranean Magic, Triumphant Fusion & Hot Latin Fire has arrived. P.R.O.’s incredible musical chemistry was born out of the joy, respect and friendship found in the making of great music. Three artists from widely different backgrounds have forged an intense cultural melting pot of their unique styles.

Pavlo – Nylon guitar, Electric Sitar (track #1), Palmas (track #11)
Rik Emmett – Steel String guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocal Harmonies (track #11)
Oscar Lopez – Nylon Guitar, Lead Vocals & Palmas (track #11)

Guest Musicians:

Mike Shotton – Drums, percussion, Keys, programming
Lain Lannen – Bodhran (track #1)
Carlo DiBattista – Trumpet (Track #10)
Albert Steen – Mandolin (track #4)


Melting Pot”: A piece that emerges from, then returns into, a heavy Eastern Mediterranean modal soup, as it in turn encompasses Baroque, Rock, Celtic, and Flamenco. A classic melting pot, with three guitars stirring the contents of the cauldron.

Redbird 250: Latin rhythms & riffs begin with a spark that grows into flamenco heat [the title comes from a classic box of matches!]. Conceived and largely written during breaks in the first Andrew McNaughton photo session that the trio shot together.

Moonlight on La Costa Nera: The P.R.O. trio’s modified merengue. Sultry, with a seductive rhythm that pulses with the promise of the beach and the surf, and the wind in your hair, on a moonlight drive along the coast.

Viola: When men learn they are to become fathers to little girls, they can feel profoundly moved by the imminent innocence and fragility. At the same time, they may find themselves overtaken by the instinct to protect and preserve their little blessings. These intense emotions were interpreted as Pavlo anticipated the birth of his new daughter.

Trifecta: Percussive, hard-hitting, with memorable melodies that take a journey from a Spanish ‘Salud’ to a Greek ‘Opa’ and through a Canadian ‘Cheers’, this is the self-defining territory of the P.R.O. Trio – an eclectic opus of World Music that challenges the musicianship & artistry of the three Soul Brothers.

Thousand Islands: Smooth sailing; a summertime holiday / vacation style song that conjures the sunshine and a favorable wind. Tasty and deceptively simple, it’s all about a happy-go-lucky melody.

Dreamers: What does it sound like when you have your head in the clouds? If you were floating in a dream, what melody might you hear? This was one of the first songs that the Trio wrote together, attempting to contrast their fiery, intense guitar chops with a composition that featured a gentle, simple approach to melody & harmony.

Jumpin’ Django: How can guitarists not get together and gravitate towards some fun with swing, jump, and rock & roll? How could any guitar project ignore the influence of Django Reinhardt’s Hot Club? The P.R.O. Trio just had to go where the action is.

Niko’s Tiny Carousel: Oscar’s darling boy, Niko, has a little music box carousel in his bedroom. The three guitars try to weave the tenderness of a magic spell in this lullaby.

(The dance of the) Three Jacks: Very Latin American, where the competing themes of two riffs, a song, and mariachi lines swirl and combine in the energy of a passionate dance. The Jacks (or Knaves), are servants of the Kings & Queens of the Royal Court, but bear witness to the intrigue & struggle for power. Like Minstrels of the Court, they tell its stories and set them to a samba.

Fiesta: Baila Mi Tierra. Come and join the P.R.O. Trio in their Latino party – sing and dance with us, good people, and celebrate the joy that awaits within the power of this music-making. Let your spirits soar, clap your hands and dance with light hearts and even lighter feet!



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