Live At Massey Hall (2007)


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This is the 2007 release for Pavlo’s first performance at Massey Hall in November 2006.

Pavlo appeared at the famed venue for the first time in his career and recorded the night for his latest offering “Live At Massey Hall”. 17 musicians and dancers on stage that night performing music that Pavlo composed over the last 10 years.

  1. Mediterranean Girl (Live)
  2. Under The Heat (Live)
  3. Cafe Kastoria (Live)
  4. Salsa De Guitarra (Live)
  5. Paradise (Live)
  6. Tsiftetelli (Live)
  7. Irresistible (Live)
  8. Flamenco Nights (Live)
  9. Love You Forever (Live)
  10. Seleni (Full Moon) (Live)
  11. Give Me Time (Live)
  12. High Strung (Live)
  13. Fantasia (Live)


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